On Life

To The Woman Who Answered My Phone Call Today

What was supposed to be another bland and monotonous work day for me turned out to be a positive, productive, and hopeful one. Thanks to the woman who answered my call when I inquired about how I could claim my CoE from the office of Civil Service Commission.

Her happiness, and love for what she does was evident in her voice; from the way she greeted me, to the way she said goodbye and thanked me for my call. She sounded very eager to help anyone who is in need of her assistance.

Little did she know that, in the very brief time that we talked on the phone, her attitude had a positive effect on me. She sounded so well-mannered that I felt respected and satisfied with the information she provided regarding my queries. She literally infected me with happiness that I found myself smiling as I walked back to my work station when we finished talking. I also suddenly had an unusual energy to get all the day’s work done.

It is so amazing to see how a person could literally brighten someone’s day up (even a stranger’s) just by simple acts of kindness. It would have been a wonderful world if more and more people would be like her. I, myself, hope to develop that kind of attitude to affect other people and put a smile on their faces.

So, to the woman who answered my call today your happiness is contagious. Keep on spreading the virus. It’s the kind of infection the world needs.


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