On Life

I Thought I Hated Make-up


When I was in my teens, I thought that cosmetics only make women look hideous. I thought it was a ridiculous idea to spend hours primping one’s self and treat one’s skin as a canvas for painting. While I agreed that physical beauty somehow matters in order to be liked or appreciated by others, I also strongly believed that it is always better to be appreciated for who you really are and how you really look like sans make-ups.

However, (owing it to this thing we call “maturity”) the feeling of disgust towards cosmetics eventually subsided. As I have slowly learned to use it on myself, I have realized something important. Primping is more than just making yourself look more acceptable in the eyes of others. It is more about you liking what you see in front of the mirror no matter what you wear or how you groom yourself.

Through time, I have become brave enough to primp myself the way I want (depending on my mood). There are days when I put on make-up and dress myself up because I want to and because I think I will look good with it. Whether others think that my lipstick looks good on me or not, or my eyebrows are rather too thick, or that its color doesn’t match the color of my hair is none of my concern. I wear my make-up the way I feel most comfortable in.

There are also some days when I feel like I look better without make-up. The amazing thing that I have realized is that my self-confidence remains with me whether I am primped or not; that it does not solely depend on the presence of one thing. I know that deep within me I have this genuine courage to tell myself, “I am beautiful,” whenever I stand in front of a mirror.

I hope the same goes to all the beautiful people out there… like you! 🙂

(Originally posted on 21 January 2016 and was repurposed on 09 November of the same year as a response to today’s word prompt.)


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