On Life

One Down for My #Lifegoals

Just yesterday I received an email saying that the very first article I submitted to Thought Catalog is now live on the site.

I admit though, it is not that special. It may not be a big deal at all, but writing for Thought Catalog was a dream that started when I was in college where my eyes were opened to the world of words. It was a dream that seemed impossible back then because I believed that I was not good with words and that I did not have the talent at all. I was not even the kind of student who aced college writing.

Although I am fully aware that writing articles for them is free, I still consider this as a milestone. I have never imagined reading my own work on the platform that was one of my greatest influences in writing. I have always enjoyed reading articles on that site, and I like the way the writers express themselves. It was from them that I learned the writing style that I enjoy using. Although I admit I haven’t perfected it yet, and there are still a lot for me to learn.

So when I received the email that says they have already published my work, I could not contain my happiness. I immediately took a screen shot of the email as a remembrance, just in case. I thought of posting about it on my Facebook account, but I thought better. I told myself to savor the feeling of greatness and accomplishment only with the people who are dear to me. Anyway, I have other few close friends, who were as equally happy for my accomplishment as I am, to promote me and share my work.

And yeah, that is ONE DOWN for my life goals. Many more to go.


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