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Everyone has their own opinion about almost everything; be it about politics, religion, relationship, sex, work, education, parenthood… you name it! Disagreements with other people seem to be always there and it will never cease to exist.

But there’s one recent experience I had that I can’t seem to stomach. What was intended to be a joke out of a mistake I made turned out to be a nasty revelation of the other person’s hypocrisy.

Apparently, it is in the nature of my profession to criticize other people’s work. However, I came to realize that one of my colleagues could not take one. I was taken aback by the way that person reacted when I told them I checked one of their outputs for the day, and that it got a bad mark from me. (It was not really theirs, it was someone else’s and I just accidentally clicked the wrong name from the drop down list – my bad!).

The funny thing was that they were quick to disagree with my reasons as to why “their” work got a bad mark from me without even knowing what those reasons were (if I really did check their work). We were good friends, but they suddenly became hostile and aggressive towards me because of that.

So, I came to realize that this person, like most people, cannot take criticisms from other people well no matter how factual or constructive they may be. But really, if you are one who criticize others (for a living) then, I would assume you yourself can take criticisms from others profesionally.

Moreover, I realized that our friendship was solely built on an agreement (that some of our co-workers suck at their job), but we have not mastered tolerating differences in our opinions. Sometimes people only agree with you because what you do or say has nothing to do with them. But once you talk about them and point out their own flaws, disagreements come out although your criticism is logical and reasonable.

via Daily Prompt: Disagree


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