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Dare of Life

The Dare of Life

Life is a touch-move kind of chess game; it is serious and real. Once you make a move you cannot take it back, and it will affect the rest of your life. I guess that is why we all need to be daring in order to get through life. We need to be able to make decisions without fear, and make mistakes without regrets even if every single move we make leads our life into a downward spiral.

But, where will you get the courage to be daring? Where, if you have nothing left, nowhere left to go, no one to help you, and no one to count on when you’re tired of feigning bravery?

I guess this is when all the more you will need to be strong because no one else will be strong for you. No one else will be there to help you and look after you but yourself. That is probably because the decisions you make in life will affect only you, and the wrong moves you take will be your regrets and yours alone.

It is maddening and lonely, but perhaps in the long run you will come to realize that fighting the battle alone is what you really needed all along; that fighting the battle alone is what will teach you how to be stronger still.

Yes, this may seem a sad story for now, but it will get better soon. And for you to make your life better soon as you can; that is the dare of life.

via Daily Prompt: Daring

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