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The Border of Humanity

edited-ground-1-3Photo by Cassie Eduardo

Geographically, a border is a line that marks the boundaries of two countries. It is a line that delineates a country’s territory. However, this line seems to be carried over into the way we live in relation to each other. We let this line define not only our home land’s territory, but also the way we interact with people who are different from us.

There is racism that is still observable in our society. There are the stereotypes we can’t seem to eliminate even in the modern time. There is the refusal to accept refugees of wars. There is war itself caused by different religious or political ideologies.

Sadly, this is a complicated topic I believe I am not capable enough to tackle. I only have this one question in mind: Why do we let the borders divide us as humans? It is supposed to be just a border of territory not of humanity.

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