On Life

Trapped and Waiting

If there was one thing I did wrong in my life, I would say that it is not waiting. Life has struck me in the face and showed me that patience is indeed a virtue. I had been in a rush to live my life, go out there, have fun, and experience things I was never allowed to experience before. I felt like I had been waiting all my life, and I finally had the chance to be free.

Apparently, I was wrong. As I enjoyed every bit of my delusional “freedom”, everything went downward spiral. I forgot who I was and what I was made of before “freedom” entered my life. I let it get inside my head and occupy the most part of my life. I forgot about my friends and almost neglected my family. I only cared about doing what I wanted, and going to places I wanted to go. I recklessly trekked an unfamiliar forest thinking that nothing could ever go wrong.

Until I stepped on a snare trap, and the next thing I know I am trapped in a new chain; one that is thicker, sturdier, and almost impossible to break free from. I found myself alone and unable to help myself. There was nothing I could do, but to stay still upside down and sulk about how I screwed up my own life.

And so, I stay stuck in that snare trap, wondering what my life would be like if only I had been more patient; where I would be now if only I had waited a little more for the right time to be free.

via Daily Prompt: Waiting


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