On Life

Almost Lover

He said I looked like a rock chick and he thought I was into underground rock music. I thought it was cool for him to think of me that way. Although there really was no truth in his assumption about me.

Looking back, I can’t recall how it all started. We just co-existed at work, we had some mutual friends, but we were not properly acquainted with each other at all.

I cannot recall how we ended up having each other’s cell numbers. Next thing I know we were sending good morning messages to one another. The one I remember the best was when he said, “Good morning, ms. Beautiful 🙂”. I was on my exhausting way to work, and that message brought me to a halt and made me smile. Finally, I told myself, someone who appreciates me and actually lets me know they do.

Days went on with us sending casual (and cheesy) text messages to each other. One time, he asked me to listen to the songs that made him think about me. I remember the first time I listened to one of those songs. The song was so perfect that I felt a rush of exhilaration and felt my face turn red while listening to it. I was so happy that day. Everything seemed to go the way I wanted it go. We even got to a point where we both got anxious (and upset) when the other did not respond immediately to the other’s messages. I thought that was us starting to get serious. I started thinking he liked me enough for us to actually make it to the “relationship” stage. But that was only as far as we got.

Things suddenly changed. I started sensing hesitations from him in more than one occasion; suddenly his replies were cold, other times he did not respond to my messages at all. He also cancelled our planned “dates” several times. I remember calling him one time to ask him if something was wrong, but he just dismissed me saying he needed to go to bed. But I did not give up without a fight. I tried to find ways to arrange a date for us at the cost of my pride (desperate, I know! But when you feel like you finally can have a chance at love, you suddenly become brave enough to risk it all).

Until the first date happened. The answer to the question I had been avoiding slapped me across the face, hard as hell: He really was not into me.

Our date did not even last for at least two hours. The commute to get to where I would meet him was even longer than the actual time we were together. Then, he made some lame excuses about how he can’t stay out longer because his older sister will tell him on their parents, and he would be dead for sure.

I’m like, are you kidding? We are adults who’s got jobs for ourselves. But, I did not bother arguing and speaking my mind, not mainly because I was not even his girlfriend yet, but because, fortunately, I had the habit of not forcing myself to anyone who is not interested in me.

So, I let him off then, begged my other friends to spend the rest of that sad day of defeat with me, and promised them it would be my treat. As good and reliable friends that they were, they came to console me (and mainly to relish my treat). And with that, another love story sprang to life.

via Daily Prompt: Underground


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