To My Little One

The days having you in my arms as a tiny creature
Seems to become more and more fleeting as time goes by.
Each passing day that I see you grow
Makes me wish I could turn back to time.

With the little time you have been here
I already feel there are so many things I haven’t done for you;
So many things I wish I did,
And so many things I regret doing.

Looking by the sea

I am not perfect, and there are still a lot I need to know.
But with the kind of love you shower me;
By the way you want to be nowhere but in my arms,
Makes me believe that love could be achieved despite imperfections.

I know it is not yet too late;
There are still many things in the world that we will do together,
So many things you will see I do,
And so many worlds I will see you conquer.


I may not be perfect, but I can promise you
That through whatever,
I will always be by your side,
As a mother, as a protector, as a friend.


Re-posted. Originally posted on 04, April 2016.


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