The Final Call

lappel-duvide-editedPhoto by Cassie Eduardo

I do not know how to love you
Probably because I never knew
How to love myself first.

I don’t know what to want from you;
Because I never figured out
What I really want in life.

All I know is I want liberation
And escape from the demons
that you and I have created.

Out of all the wrongs you’ve done
And all the shortcomings I’ve never admitted,
I often ask myself if all of these are still worth it.

I never had the answer,
But we’re still here trying to fight to the bitter end.
So maybe, that in itself is the answer.

We have been battered, beaten, and wounded
In this battlefield we call life.
But, let this be the final round;

To rectify the wrong,
Make up for the insufficiency,
And to make it out of this life alive.


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