Easy Chucky costume for Halloween

Today is the very first time my 22-month old son put on a costume and went trick or treating. I had been looking forward to it since the announcement had been made at work that there would be a Halloween event for kids.

At first, I wanted him to look like Lord Zeref; a character in the Japanese manga series, Fairy Tail, from whom he was named after. But I thought better of it and realized it would cost too much to do cosplaying.

I do not know what hit me, but Chucky was the first thing that came to mind when I was thinking of other costume ideas. I figured it was a lot easier to do. All I needed is:

  • an overall
  • a red, long-sleeved, striped shirt
  • a pair of sneakers
  • and a bloody toy chainsaw (but a bloody toy knife will also do. I used red padding glue for the blood because it helps create the “fresh-from-the-crime-scene” look)

For the stitches on his face, I used a red lipstick and a black eyeliner. To add more to the effect, I used an ash gray eyeshadow to make his face and shirt look dirty. I also opted for unexpired and/or branded cosmetics because it would be used on a toddler’s face, and I wouldn’t want skin irritation for him afterwards. Moreover, I did his make-up in the office because it would have completely faded by the time we arrived if I did at home.

And with that, we’re good to go…

editedgoing around the office to collect Halloween goodies

The hardest part here was probably drawing the fake stitches and blood on his face because, you know how little kids are. Man! It took a lot of patience and goofiness to complete the look because he kept turning his head away from me, and I had to convince him several times to let me draw on his face.

But look at that cute, little face. Even with the stitches on he did not look even a wee bit eerie.


So, there he is! Busy collecting candies and lollies for himself, only to be eaten by his uncles and grand ma (which was totally fine because there is no way I would let him eat all those sweets by himself).

And that's our CEO giving away treats to the little kids.

It has been a long and tiring day with all the running around and touching of decorations that aren’t supposed to be touched. Plus the fact that we still needed to report for work after the event.

collage-2too much goodies, it won't fit in his skull bucket.

But in the end, all the hard (but fun) work all paid off because my little Chucky took home the award for the Best Halloween Costume for boys, and I think that was pretty awesome for a first timer!! 🙂

best-in-costumeThis is him receiving the prize for the Best Halloween Costume.

And of course, I am a proud mother! 🙂


Now, I am thinking up of another great costume idea for next year. I finally got to experience the fun of trick or treating first hand and I can’t wait for the next one. I’m so looking forward to it!

14795878_749489471860175_1972680176_ochillin' after the event

4 thoughts on “Easy Chucky costume for Halloween”

    1. Thanks! He’s turning two in December.:) Will it be your son’s first time by then? How old is he? Im sure he’ll be cute in his costume. Im excited for you. Its really fun watching them collect halloween goodies.

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