On Life


 It was just taken from our office's pantry window
using my Oppo phone, so the quality is not good

Have you seen the Supermoon tonight?

Unexpectedly, I did.

The fascinating thing is that I did not have any idea there would be a Supermoon tonight until the exact hour it showed up as I was so busy lamenting how miserable my life is. But despite my obliviousness the moment still showed itself to me. It was magnificent and surreal although ephemeral. From what I can remember it was the very first time I ever saw the moon as big and as close as it was tonight.

Of course, I did not let the moment go by without taking a souvenir for myself. As any star gazers would have done during a rare cosmic episode like this, I took out my phone and took a picture of it. As the moon’s bright light hit the lens of my cheap camera phone, a moving realization also hit and captured my heart:

I realized that beautiful things can exist even amidst the darkness. All one needs to do is to look around for them.

I realized that there are still good things in my life that I should be thankful for but just fail to appreciate because I choose to see only the negative side of my life. One of them is my own little bundle of joy who innocently (and never fails to) puts a smile on my face every moment I open my eyes in the morning. That itself is already an enormous reason for me to be happy and overcome the challenges I face in this lifetime.

Among other things, there is the fact that I employed which allows me to provide for our needs; that I get to go home to a safe and decent place; that I get ease off in a warm, cozy bed after a long and tiring day of being alive and fighting my demons.

Unexpectedly seeing the Supermoon tonight kind of soothed my heart that had been feverishly angry the entire day. It also helped me a bit to have a better perspective in what I’ve been going through. I just have to constantly remind myself to stay on the positive side, and to look up to the moon whenever I feel like I am about to lose it again.

I may have made two or three unpleasant posts tonight, but to make up for all the negativity I have spread, here is a beautiful one to share with you before I close my eyes.

Good night! 😴


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