Photo Challenge

Happy Writing Anniversary! (A Year-End Post)

Sometimes it is the worst times that bring out the best in people.


City of Stars

We have indeed entered the festive season and we can see it everywhere. Here in the Philippines, every good place you can take a kid out for a treat is packed with people; be it in malls, amusement parks, picnic grounds... everywhere! I really hate being in crowded places, but I could not say "no" to my… Continue reading City of Stars


Rediscovering The Land Before Time: Dino Trail

I know this is a long time coming because honestly, I have been procrastinating and pretending to be busy for the past week. But as promised, in this post I will be sharing some pictures we have taken in Dinosaurs Island at Clark Pampanga. The first attraction we went to see and the one where… Continue reading Rediscovering The Land Before Time: Dino Trail


Revisiting the Dinosaur Era at Dinosaurs Island

My son has turned two in December 6th of this year and we took him out for a treat out of town during the weekends. However, because of being technologically impaired for over a week (my phone's battery has broken down and so it won't turn on), this blog update comes out late. But as… Continue reading Revisiting the Dinosaur Era at Dinosaurs Island


Missing in Action

Where have you been all my life? When I have conquered many great heights, And have gotten through some tough times; When I have dreamed many dreams, And have seen most of them fade into the void; When I have achieved some few goals in life, But have seen most of them fail; When I… Continue reading Missing in Action