Photo Challenge


This is the first time I made a post in response to the photo challenge. I’m really not an expert in photography nor I have the proper tools for it, but I think I have a perfect response for tonight’s challenge:

img20160403123240Taken in the summer of this year at Taal Lake in Batangas,

I mean, just look at that and imagine yourself a part of the picture. Imagine yourself peacefully lying down on a balsa that is floating you away from all your worries and the hustle and bustle of the daily grind on peaceful water under a sunny, but equally windy weather.

Imagine hearing nothing but the sound of water underneath you flapping against your ride and the chirping birds flying above and around you, instead of the bland, dead sound of keyboards typing or printers printing meaningless words or even the heartless sound of horns on crowded streets.

Just imagine being alone with yourself without the need to blend in, please anyone, or worry about what to wear, eat, or do in order to get the bills paid. Imagine being away from all the responsibilities adulthood forced down your throat. Imagine being free and at peace.

Just imagine and ask yourself, wouldn’t that be so relaxing?

via Photo Challenge: Relax


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