On Life

Stars and Promises

She is missing him so much. But all she can do now is to look up the building top where he used to be at whenever she passed by that street. She does not understand how, but she can still sense his presence up there although she has never even been there.

Just knowing he has graced that place with his presence has been enough to fill and satisfy her lonely and longing heart if only for a matter of seconds. For the memories of him, even the made-up ones, is the only treasure she possesses.

cymera_20150709_012234Photo by Cassie Eduardo

Although the reality tells of a different story from that of her dreams, she still cannot erase from her heart the promise made by the stars to her that they were destined for each other. She was promised that all she needs is patience and time will reward her with his love forever.

She knows it is absurd, but that promise has been what keeps her going. And she knows that no matter how much time has passed her hopes will never run out of fuel to keep it burning.

So, she will keep on keeping her fingers crossed as she waits for his return. She will keep on hoping until the day the stars fulfill their promise. For now, all she has are the intangible memories of him at the building top.


8 thoughts on “Stars and Promises”

      1. I guess you’re right. And maybe, they’ll bring it to us at the right time. Maybe, “she” isn’t ready yet. There’s perfect timing for everything. I hope your guardian angels find yours too… 🙂


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