Revisiting the Dinosaur Era at Dinosaurs Island

My son has turned two in December 6th of this year and we took him out for a treat out of town during the weekends. However, because of being technologically impaired for over a week (my phone’s battery has broken down and so it won’t turn on), this blog update comes out late. But as the saying goes, “It is better late than never.

Anyway, as I was saying my son turned two in December 6th. But since that day was a Tuesday, his father and I had to go work. So, we decided to take him out for a treat on the weekend that followed.

Originally, his father wanted a simple family dinner out at a restaurant. He said that it is the 7th birthday that we need to prepare for the most. I totally agree with that idea, but I told him that I have been wanting to bring our son to a dinosaur park because he is fond of them, and his birthday was a perfect reason for us to do so soon.

So, we planned the trip a month ahead. I looked for dinosaur-themed parks or museums on the Internet and found one that is located at Clark Picnic Grounds in Pampanga, which was approximately two hours away from Manila if you will take the Express Way. The theme park is aptly named Dinosaurs Island and is part of the bigger park called Clark Land. There is another attraction in the park called Insectlandia which, you can probably tell by the name, showcases different species of insects. We did not check it out, however, because we are not into insects of any kind.

During our visit to the park, we were not able to take lots of pictures mainly because my partner’s phone battery turned red the moment we got to the park. He used the GPS to find our way there, and he forgot to bring his charger or a power bank with him.

Another reason was that, whenever we tried to position our son closer to the dinosaurs to take pictures, he would resist and cry. That was surprising because he is so fond of dinosaurs that we thought he would not be scared when he sees one in real life. As a matter of fact, he does nothing at home all day but to watch shows about them and pretend that he is a dinosaur himself.

Nevertheless, the good thing was he was not scared and would not turn away if he was feet away from the lifelike dinos. So, we were still able to take some good pictures. But this post is getting longer than I intended so, I will be sharing some of them on my next post.


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