On Life


I guess this world really is unfair,

And it will always be;

No matter how many sacrifices you make in a lifetime,

No matter how hard you work to achieve your goals,

Not even how much pain you have endured to get what you want;

I have seen people who have worked their ass off day and night,

But still ended up not achieving their dreams  or died poor.

I have seen people who had patiently waited for an entire lifetime,

But never found The One.

I have seen people who have given so much,

And ended up having nothing left for themselves.

I guess that is just how it is.

There will never be a guarantee you will always win.

But I guess the challenge here is to keep on fighting

Even when you know this world might be unfair to you.

The bigger challenge is to find something worth fighting for,

Something that will make the fight more meaningful,

Something or someone that will make you want to keep on going until your last breath

No matter what happens in the end.

I don’t even know if that make sense.

I’m just thinking out loud, spontaneously typing the words out

As I’m stuck in heavy traffic, waiting to get home.



7 thoughts on “Unfair”

  1. In my opinion I would say its a mixture of good and bad… think negative and you attract negative and no matter how hard you work the negative will surpass the good in your life. The reverse is true because with positive thoughts you attract the positive and even when the negative comes knocking your positive is strong enough to overcome it.

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  2. I have seen this happen too. But I have to share a little story. My father-in-law bought himself his dream car today after a very successful month in his business that he owns. On the same day, he watched his oldest son and daughter-in-law buy their first home. He was in tears today, saying how he never thought he would get everything he wanted in this life, but he has. Keep the faith.

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