Rediscovering The Land Before Time: Dino Trail

I know this is a long time coming because honestly, I have been procrastinating and pretending to be busy for the past week. But as promised, in this post I will be sharing some pictures we have taken in Dinosaurs Island at Clark Pampanga.

The first attraction we went to see and the one where we took most pictures at was the Dino Trail, which was the main attraction of the park. At ₱350.00 as the adult rate (my son goes free because, fortunately, he has not yet reached the maximum height limit for kids to get a free pass to the park), we revisited the dinosaur era by following a forest trail with different species of dinosaurs on display, which were moving and growling.


This was the first dino we discovered and took a picture with. Honestly, I cannot remember most of the dinosaur names we saw in the park, but if my memory serves me right, this one is called a Brachiosaurus.

Why are dinosaur names so difficult to pronounce anyway? I mean, who gives names like that? They are so complicated and maddening to memorize, like tongue twisters. Maybe it is because of the inarguable fact that knowing all their names and saying them out loud can make a person sound smart. But, unfortunately for me, the only thing I can remember about them is that most of their names end with -aurus.

img_1180This one, I am pretty sure, is called a Stegosaurus.

It was just a shame the visitors were not allowed to have an up-close encounter with all the dinosaurs on display. There were some thick electric wires surrounding some of them that prevented the visitors to get closer and touch them.


I will call this species of dinosaur as the pterodactyl because it is the only flying dinosaur I know. It is one of those displays in the park that was not surrounded by electric wires. But it was placed so high up that no one could actually reach it, unless you would be as tall as these two beautiful people combined.

This is probably one of my favorite spots in the trail because of how the dino-on-display was strategically positioned beside a tree, which served as its support, and hovered overhead the onlookers which allowed it to flap its wings freely while squealing at the same time. Sadly, this was also the spot where Zeref first cried since we entered the park. I think you can tell why…


Like I said earlier, some of the displays here were surrounded by electric wires and this triceratops was one of them. The thick wires came with a sign indicating the amount of shock one would probably receive if they dare cross the line. But, I think it was just put there to scare off any brave souls who would attempt to touch the dinos anyway.

But really, it would have been a more fun and realistic experience, especially for the little explorers like the one who was busy eating chips above, if they could interact with and touch the dinosaurs.


But speaking of interacting with the dinosaurs, there was one stop in the forest trail called Dino Feeding where visitors can have an up-close encounter with this huge tyrannosaurus rex. At ₱20.00 (per head) you can go up that red steel platform and feed the t-rex with a huge fake meat or take pictures with it.


And so the trail continued. We have seen a few more species of dinosaurs, of which I could no longer identify even with the help of google because they look almost the same to me.


Nonetheless, the one thing I like about this forest trail was that it offered Instagram-worthy spots to take pictures at.

Isn't that the cutest baby dino ever? 🙂

The trail ended with a display of life-sized, cracked dinosaur eggs perched on rocks where you can go inside and pretend to be a newly born dino.

All in all, our visit to the park only lasted for about two hours our less, but it was worth it. Although I have never developed an enthusiasm in anything dino, I would highly recommended this place for parents who are looking for a place to have an adventure with their little explorers.

I am thinking of taking my son back here when he is a bit bigger and will be less scared of the dinosaurs on display. Hopefully, the park will allow visitors to have an up-close encounter with the dinosaurs in the Dino Trail by then.


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