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If I were to describe what my life has been like in the past two years, I would say it was like riding a sports bike on a fast track.

I say so because major changes has happened in my life too quickly, from graduating from college with a long list of aspirations to fulfill for myself to becoming a mother with only high hopes and dreams for my little explorer.

Even my career seems to have taken the fast lane because after a year of being in the company I am currently working at, I got a promotion that has greatly changed the way I am; from being a timid girl to being an assertive and authoritative woman.

These things happen without me realizing them at the time, and it is just amazing and scary at the same time to look back and see how things in my life escalated too quickly.

I’ll be honest, sometimes I do regret the fact that I was not able to enjoy many things I should have if only I had not become a mother too soon. It also feels scary at times to see how swiftly I have climb up in the professional world and that a big responsibility has been put on my shoulder because of that. I often doubt myself and think that maybe I should have taken things slowly and surely. I feel like there are still a lot of things I do not know and I am not ready for.

But come to think of it, maybe things really do happen for a reason. This calls to mind a line from by favorite book series by far, A Series of Unfortunate Events, that goes, “If we wait until we’re ready we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.”

Perhaps I did not have to wait until I am ready to take on the responsibilities I have now. Maybe because I have been ready all along, I just did not know it. Maybe my life taking the fast lane is just life’s way of teaching me the things I needed to learn. It is probably the universe telling me I am ready.

Perhaps I am. I might not have perfected everything yet, but at least I know I am ready. Although the path to where my life is heading will certainly be full of rough and sharp rocks that will continue to trip and wound me while on course every so often, I know I am ready to get through it all.

And as another year unfolds, there will surely be more tracks to tackle. But wherever this path may lead, my only wish for myself is to enjoy the ride, learn from it as much as I can; be the journey fast or slow.

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