City of Stars

We have indeed entered the festive season and we can see it everywhere. Here in the Philippines, every good place you can take a kid out for a treat is packed with people; be it in malls, amusement parks, picnic grounds… everywhere!

I really hate being in crowded places, but I could not say “no” to my mother when said she wanted to take my son out on Christmas day and go to Star City, especially that it was on her!

Star City is one of the biggest amusement park in the country that operates all year-round, but it especially gets busy during peak seasons like Christmas. I have been there thrice now (all on Christmas day) and I hate how packed it is with people during this season. I hate so much how you have to queue up for about two hours for your turn to go on rides that will only last for less than one minute.

Nonetheless, it was fun taking my son out there this year again. My partner and I took him there last year, but he was not able to get on ANY rides due to height restrictions. This year he is about 33 inches tall so he was given entry to two attractions and was allowed to get on three kiddie rides all free of charge.

I can’t even begin to describe the frustration of waiting in super looooong lines, and not being able to try out all the rides we wanted despite paying for a ride-all-you-can pass. It was more like fall-in-line-all-you-can. So, instead of narrating the tale of how I moped on the inside while waiting in line, let me just share some of the photos we took there.

img_0230At the entrance hall,
waiting in line to buy tickets to the park.
toy-chest-collageSheriff Woody in Toy Chest.
carouselCarousel rides.
img_0067My travel watch.
Waiting in line for Sky Flyer.
img_0066More waiting and queuing up with siblings.
img_0076My little boy while queuing up for the Magic Forest ride.
magic-forestHe finally had his turn and he was ecstatic.
img_0107on board the Surf Dance.
peter-panGoofing around Neverland
come-aboardCome aboard!
img_0155I think he needs help...
img_0203Fancy a kiss? 💋 💋

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