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Happy Writing Anniversary! (A Year-End Post)


Wow! It has a been a year since I created this blog and I honestly never thought I would get this far.

As of today, I have about 61 blog posts made (this year-end post is the 62nd); about 30 of them were in response to The Daily Post‘s word prompts, 2 responses to the Photo Challenge (this is the 3rd, I guess), 16 of them were poetry, and four of them were published in bigger sites (do the numbers add up?) I also have about 56 followers, from which I got a chance to constantly share thoughts with through comments.

I know it is not much of an achievement, but for an amateur like me it matters a great deal. I have created several blogs in the past but only ended up deleting them because I could not find anything to write about and maintain the site.

But now, looking at the numbers, I could not help but to be a bit proud of myself. I originally did not care about writing (or reading) until I entered college, and now I am a self-proclaimed trying hard writer.

I only have the bad and the rough times in my life to thank for this little achievement. 2015 and 2016 are what I consider the darkest part of my life by far. But it was these times that brought out the “writer” in me.

Writing has been my outlet and this blog has been the listening ears for all my drama and whinings about whatever I am going through in life. Without even realizing it, writing has become my way to bounce back to shape whenever life knocks the wind out of me. It has been me being resilient.

It is indeed true that sometimes it is the worst times that bring out the best in people.

So, no reason for me to mope. Happy Writing Anniversary to me and here’s to more years of writing!

Happy New Year y’all! Let us all be hopeful for this coming year. 🙂 ❤

17 thoughts on “Happy Writing Anniversary! (A Year-End Post)”

    1. Hi Nikkita.
      Happy New Year.
      Congratz on your
      Really great of you.
      Hope you accomplish a lot more
      In this year
      And the coming years.
      Best wishes and regards.

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