On Life

2017 is the year for change.

It has been two weeks since 2017 has begun. I know I wished myself more years of writing to come in my year-end post, but for some reasons I haven’t been as prolific as I expected myself to be. I guess I overestimated my less-than-half-baked writing skills in the hype of New Year.

I am aware it is a bit too late for this, but I still would like to say a few words about what I want this year to mean for me:

2017 should be the year for change.
It should be the start of me changing my life for the better.
It is time to think more about myself (not in a bad, selfish way), about what I want in life, and how I am going to achieve it.
I have finally set up some goals for myself, and I am setting my heart on them even if I have to do it the long, hard way.

There should be no more time to cling to the ghost of the past and lament the things I cannot change or control.
There should only be time to think of ways I can achieve my goals and let only the beautiful things shine.
The road will not be perfectly smooth, that’s for sure, but now I am committing myself to navigate and take charge.

2017 will be the beginning. It will be the year for change.


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