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#WeekendCoffeeShare: Tired

If we were having coffee, I would tell you how tired I am, both physically and emotionally. I just finished doing a week’s worth of laundry; believe it or not, I both hand washed and washing machined them. I am backwards with laundry like that.

But my physical tiredness is not match to how emotionally exhausted I am. Apparently, physical exhaustion is something you can wake up without after a good rest. But not a broken heart and a wounded spirit no matter how long you stay asleep to escape it all.

Ain’t it funny how things can change with just a blink of an eye or, to make it more exact, just because of an invitation of your long-time friends for a simple get-together to celebrate friendship. Then everything went wrong from there.

Like a piece of clothing that has been washed over and over again, the color of our love, which once vibrant, has slowly fainted. Next thing we know, we have gotten this far trying to revive a relationship that has sunken deeper and deeper into the ocean of hatred and carelessly crafted lies. You probably do not know, but it has taken its toll on my mental health. Everything has gotten so messy and too much to deal with that it feels as if the only option we have left is to stop. But we never dared taking that step, and now both of us are miserable (or maybe just one of us, and that’s me).

We are living a dreary cycle though I cannot understand why we let ourselves. I would walk up to you and confront you about the culprit of our downfall. You would apologize and promise me things would get better. I would convince myself to stay and hold on. But I would find out you were just lying and that you have broken your promise.

And then, confrontation would happen again, sorrys would be said, promises would be made, but would only be broken again and again. And that has been going on like a cycle for years. Tell me about exhaustion!

But still we try. We would reach out to each other only to find ourselves groping around the thick walls that has grown between us. We would remedy this by sharing amusing stories with each other about matters that mean something to neither of us, with fake smiles and superficial laughter at supper that betrays our tears and pains. We would talk, but only about shallow things that do not address any of our issues at all; like the latest movie one of us would want to watch or the new silly thing the other discovered on the Internet, and that disconnects us more than it connects us.

Until one day, I woke up and realized I cannot hold on any longer. My hands have been sore with blisters, not with hand washing too much laundry, but for holding on too long. I have nothing more to give because the pain has powdered  my heart to dust, and my pride has been shattered to million pieces.

So, I told myself, maybe this has to stop. Maybe, we would make things better if we just let go. Maybe, we could only do it if we dare take our last option.  Maybe, the right time for that is now.

Or maybe not. Maybe it has to wait until tomorrow when my laundry has all dried up, so I can pack them up, walk out the door, and never come back.

Thank goodness I did the laundry today.


11 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Tired”

  1. You’re so real and courageous to share your life on WP. I can relate to the hollowness that you’re currently feeling but then again I also relate to your strength to take some wise decisions. You’re incredible brave

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    1. Thank you, Anaida. Its just that WP is my outlet. I have a sad life and I have no real life friends. Hahaha. 😅
      Still, its good to see other people relate to what I am going through. I can also relate to what other people write. ☺️


  2. Love the way the laundry is woven throughout this quandry: a sense of going ‘around and around’ seeking a new ‘cycle’ in the relationship which hasn’t as yet materialised … and yet, since the laundry is going to be folded before any final act is taken, there’s a sense it just might?

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    1. Thanks, Naomi! And, yes, the laundry will have to be folded and sorted out first, but for the very last time, before the final act. Let’s hope it goes well, because after the final act has been taken, there’s no turning back. 🙂

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      1. I’ve been there before, but things will be better soon. You’re a beautiful woman and through your poetry, we can see you have a kind heart. Those are two things that make you easy to love! Some people won’t realize what they have until its gone and its unfortunate you have to go through this in life, but you have learned and will be better, Nikkita 😀

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      2. This is probably one of the good things about writing about my struggle. I get to know people who are going through or have gone through the same thing, and it is either I inspire them or they inspire me… thanks your kind words! They always make me feel better. May you have a good life 🙂

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