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A little update… fangirling… and James Reid

I know I’m not a celebrity of some kind for anyone to actually care knowing “updates” about me, but I want to make up for the days gone by that I had not been blogging. So here goes the update…

Things got really crazy at work these days, although I am not sure if it is because of the people around me (particularly my team’s direct superior, who, I am very happy to share, is permanently leaving the company in a week or two) or the job itself that has got me so burned out. I’ve been in this job for almost two years, and I have never been so stressed before as I am now, so I am assuming it is because of the former.

Summer is officially in, but me having a beach day seems to be a desire that is too far out of my reach due mainly to lack of funds 😅. But I am so looking forward to the end of April, so I can finally tick one place off my travel list. And yes, I’m doing that trip with my son! 🙌

Moreover, my fangirl spirit seems to have come back from a brief slumber as I have been recently fangirling over James Reid (again) for the last two weeks. He is a Filipino-Australian singer, songwriter, actor, dancer in the Philippines, who also happens to be a very very charming boy.

I have always had a crush on him since last year (??) because of his first and then hit TV series On The Wings of Love – but my intense fangirl spirit has subsided a short while after the show has ended – but now it is back and it is taking over my life or am I exaggerating??? But let me show you some symptoms:

Just today, I had change my desktop wallpaper at work to a photo of him:

DesktopJust look how adorable he is! How his eyes make me melt inside.

Even my phone’s wallpaper is changed to the same picture:


I have also devoted an entire folder in my Google Drive account to collecting photos of him grabbed from the Internet (for staring-until-I get-tired-of-his-face purposes):


And have I mentioned we were born on the same year?? Not that it has any significant impact on the order of the universe or something, but perhaps it is a sign we are meant for each other?? Hahaha! (Warning: On fangirl mode! Don’t judge!) 🙅🙅🙅

Anyhow, it is a curious thing that my fangirl spirit has suddenly come back to life with no apparent reasons. It has been a while since I last watched another of his TV series, which I did even not finish to the end because I found the plot less appealing than the first.

Perhaps it is a subconscious working of my mind to find a minimal way to relieve stress and amuse myself amidst the madness induced by my working life.

Drive 2

So far, I can say it is working! Seeing this charming boy hanging around my computer screen in between the tiresome, face-crumpling daily grind at work does a great deal in helping me keep my cool and prevent myself from actually flipping my workstation over out of utter exasperation.

In a way, this fangirling thing has been handy in letting me keep my job. So thank god for fangirling, thank god for the Internet.

Thank god for James Reid!

And here’s one last photo of this lovely boy grabbed from his IG account… You’re very welcome! 👍


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