First Summer Adventure (Taal Lake, Batangas)

The 2nd of April 2016 is one of my favorite summer excursions. Aside from it being my first time to swim in a lake (where it does not sting the eyes when you dive in), it was also the first time my son got to swim under the sun.

The place we went to is a property mainly used as a fishery in Batangas. It is owned by a Chinese man but is entrusted under the full supervision of my mother’s cousin and her husband. The properties alongside it are resorts that were still under construction during the time of our visit (it probably is until now).


At first, I was hesitant to take my son there because I thought fisheries are not the best places to swim in. But it beat my expectation as it was nothing close to being busy and crowded like I imagined, with a lot of stake nets all over the place. The place looks decent (not even smelly to me), and the fishermen boats and the fish nets were neatly parked in one area, so you can swim in peace in the other parts of the property (they have no operations during the weekends).

But like I said there were no stake nets in the water to keep the fish in one area. Fish swim freely all over the place, so don’t be surprised if you see some stray ones showing up here and there.

Here's one poor fish that got caught on our raft boat.
It does not look amused... 🤔

Nonetheless, what made this place more than being ordinary is that, according to my aunt, it is the same lake where Taal Volcano is in. Unfortunately, we were not able to visit it because it would take 2 to 3 days to get there from where the property is using small motor-powered boats, which were the only thing we had at our disposal.

Luckily, my disappointment was appeased by a raft boat that was lent to us. It was my first time to see one in real life, let alone use it. It comes very handy if you don’t want to dip yourself into the water and just want to lie on your back, float around, and enjoy the hot summer sun and the cool lake breeze.


Overall, it was a fun first-time experience. To my surprise, Zeref did not even get a wee bit scared being dipped in such a vast body of water. In fact, upon arriving at our destination, he got too excited that he tried to break away from me several times to get into the water. So, after lunch and after putting on (too much) sunscreen on him (because I was too anxious he’d get sunburned), I let him have his time in the water under the sun.

IMG20160402132928lake monster
IMG20160403123136Balsa captain ⚓🛶
IMG20160402171714an afternoon stroll along the lake shore 😘

If you are wondering where I was the entire time, I was busy taking pictures… and selfies – which I am not going to post because I was also so anxious about getting myself sunburned, I did not realize I put on too much sunscreen, especially on the face! 😅


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      1. Haha I been sunburn before when I was living in Florida and didn’t think I could get sunburn. I didn’t even use sunblock for a 2 hour beach visit! That was a terrible time for me with the burning and then the peeling 😣

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