Photo Challenge


I stood in the middle of a green field of hopes, wishes, and dreams.
Young, brave and bold, but naive to believe I can conquer many worlds as fast as I can blink my eyes.
I looked up the sky as I walked around the field, I found you.
I reached for you, and like a sleeping gem that has waken to life, you shone brightly and sent rays of light into my small and unknowing world.
And with that light I grew bolder, more hopeful, and yet imprudent.
Together, we built dreams and believed in realities that were out of this world.


But what is a shadow, but darkness that occurs when something gets in the way of light.
For just when I thought we were at the peak of it all, drunk with love, and holding on to false hopes, an eclipse suddenly came.
The moon, having no light of her own, blocked the sun in my sky, and casted dark shadows on the ground.
The sun that once promised to shine only for me, slowly hid behind the thick clouds of lies as it maneuvered to find a new world to shine its light into.

But no eclipse lasts forever; although shadows in forms of memories will always remain.
Perhaps it only came to teach me how the true light that never dies is found from within; not from out there, not from anyone or anything else.
And the shadows to serve as a reminder that prudence is a virtue.


Now, as the new-found sun within me rises in the sky, I can feel a new life coming.
It is time to be finally unmoored from the chains that bound me to the tragic story of how the bright beautiful sun was eclipsed by the cold and dark moon – our eclipse, our downfall.
From the field of false hopes and wild dreams, I slowly go adrift in the cold, vast ocean away and away from you.
And although I know the shadows will always remain, it will be the guiding light to lead me to the right path.


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