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Photographic Excuse for the Lack of Creativity

Let this post be an excuse for my lack of interesting ideas to write about. Instead of courting my muse and come up with something that is worth reading, I will just share some of the photos me and my colleagues took last week in the work event we had at Oceania Waterpark, Island Cove in Kawit Cavite.

Just to babble a wee bit, we honestly were not looking forward to the event as we were expecting not to have much fun, like we always did in the previous company excursions. But, surprisingly, even if the place is not as fancy as I wished it would be, we did enjoy our time there merely because we were given longer time to do as we please instead of mandatorily participating in all the games prepared by the HR.

So, after finishing 2nd place in the three team games held (two of which I involuntarily joined and participated), we went about the vicinity and took pictures like maniacs wherever we find suitable.

And so… Behold the fruits of our obsession with cameras!

IMG_2484in the bus, on the way to the resort
FCQW4834changed attires, getting ready for the swim

While warming up before dipping into the pool, we found a life-sized chess set.


Then we found a huge pallet…


And even as we took a dip, we still couldn’t get the camera away from Β our faces…

Thank god for waterproof cameras!

Later on, we decided not to use up all our free time in the pool. We dried ourselves up to take more pictures around…

IMG_2549the maze runners
IMG_2556Hams & Saab

There is a fishing village inside the park, but you have to pay for the fishing tools if you want to go fishing.

Since none of us had the budget for it and we are not fishing enthusiasts anyway, we just roamed around the village and took some more pictures inside! (luckily, there wereΒ no entrance fees)

walk2trying so hard to make it look like a candid shotΒ πŸ’
selfie queensselfie queens πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘
goofywhile everyone's decently posed...
walkA walk in the park

The last spot we went to take pictures in the park is the mini playground situated between the entrance and the water park itself. It was a good thing there were no children around so we had the spot to ourselves to briefly relive childhood and rest our tired feet.

swingWe call ourselves the "A-Team"

The pictures we took here are my favorite of all…


There is a whole bunch of other photos I really would love to post, but I have to stop myself because I know you’d gone tired of our faces by now (it is even a surprise you reached the end of this post, so congratulations!)Β βœŒπŸ‘ŠβœŠ

Hopefully, I will find some more time to make another post about the wonderful trip I had in Calaguas Island in Camarines Norte. So, stay tuned for more of my face!Β πŸ˜‚πŸ“Έ


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