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Birthday Gift to the Self: Reconnecting with My Greatest Love


But July is my birth month, so there is no calming down!!

I am not really the type who makes my birthdays a very big deal. In fact, I find it surprising when another living soul remembers my birthday whenever it arrives.

But turning 24 isn’t like any other birthdays we have in a lifetime. It is an important point in our lives, even more important than finally becoming legal and turning 18 if you ask me. At 24, we are no longer too young to be told what to do with our lives, but at the same time, we are not too old to still make things right. We are almost in the middle and we still have the rest of our lives ahead of us to find who we really are and discover (or rediscover) our passion. So, in a way, I can say that being 24 is the perfect starting point in life.

And we don’t turn 24 every year, so I would like to take this once in a lifetime chance to reignite & re-discover my passion. This year, I’ve decided to reconnect with my greatest love, which is music.

As much as it is my favorite thing in the world, it has also been my greatest frustration. I’d realize I had an inclination for music when I was little (I can’t exactly remember when because, frankly, I don’t remember most parts of my childhood), but it was in high school that I got exposed to music and all its technicalities. However, I slowly drifted away from it when I entered college, even more so when I joined the workforce.

I’ve always wanted to learn the piano too, but I never got the chance to formally learn it, although I was able to learn the basics from a military summer music lesson (and yes, we had actual soldiers as music teachers).

So this year, as a 24th-birthday present to myself, I purchased an electronic keyboard so I can carry on with learning the musical instrument I have dearly admired all my life.

And my new baby? Just a Kurzweil KA90 Arranger Stage Piano. It is an 88-note, fully weighted hammer action keyboard with a lot of other features I have yet to discover and understand the use. It comes with a sustain pedal too, which I clearly do not know how to use (YET) 😅.

IMG_2978(It might be a bit too much for an intermediate learner,
but please don’t judge me 🙅🙅🙅).

Just last month, I also had my 4-year old guitar fixed and had its strings changed to a new set because I want to continue learning the piano and the guitar simultaneously. But, unlike the piano, learning the guitar has not been too much of a frustration for me, because I learned most of what I know about it all by myself with the help of the Internet.


Anyway, I know that what I am about to take on will not always be fun and easy. Learning music takes time, so much effort, hard work, and passion. But what really makes me want to commit to all this (aside from investing a tremendous amount of money for my purchase) is that, I also want my son to learn music and love it as much or even much more than I do! The best way I can think of to achieve this goal is to expose him to music at an early age.

Hopefully, if I learn these instruments quickly, I can teach him myself. Or perhaps we can both learn it at the same time. That will be perfect for a mother-and-son quality time, wouldn’t it?

So… brace yourselves, folks. A trying-hard pianist (-guitarist) is currently on the loose! 🎼🎹🎸

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