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Man, it has been a while since I last made a post! This makes me be quite disappointed with myself for not being able to keep this blog updated as frequently as I originally planned.

I did not have anything interesting going for the past two months, except for my growing frustration at self-learning piano which I am yet to overcome and might talk about in another post. So, instead I would like to share this photo (taken by me) and the story behind it:

It was taken in a grassy area near my father’s grave one afternoon. It just finished raining, so I thought there was a high chance of finding raindrops on the ground to take a snap of  (I just think it is a cool thing to do).

Then, I found this spot and thought the raindrops were perfectly positioned on the leaves. I took my iPhone out, zoomed in and out, tried (hard) to find a good angle, and took a snap of it. Little did I know that there were little whitish creatures hanging around this grassy area. I could not even see them with my bare eyes, so I was amazed to see them in the photo.

This little incident made me realize how we can see great things in this life if only we take time to look closer. There are many things that we tend to overlook in our life; maybe because of their size or because we think they don’t have so much importance in our lives. Or maybe because our attention is somewhere else.

But sometimes, it is those little things we usually ignore or fail to notice that can bring wonders in our lives. We just need to know how to zoom our lenses in and appreciate even the little things we have around us.

4 thoughts on “Magnified”

  1. Haha, I feel you. It’s been the same for me. I’ve been very active a couple months ago. Then I stopped posting alltogether. Sometimes a hiatus is a good thing though.

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