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A Random Job-hunt Tip

When applying for a new job, while still being employed in another company, & you’re at the final stages of your application, never get too excited about the prospective job & forget to secure yourself with a signed job offer before resigning from the job you have at the time.

I made the mistake of doing so when I applied for a job in the past. A day after receiving a phone call from the HR saying I was hired; and that they were willing to wait until I finished my 30 days render in the other company, I immediately filed for a resignation from my employer at the time with a smug look on my face.

The good news consumed me with so much excitement that I forgot to wait for the formal job offer to seal the deal – something they should’ve proactively brought up. I had just filed my resignation from my job when I got another call from them that would only jeopardize my employment status.

I was told that the HR would continue looking for qualified applicants who could start working immediately. That meant the vacancy could be filled before my 30 days of render was over, and I could be left with no job to take.

It was a mortifying news to hear after getting an assurance just a day ago that everything had been ironed out. The call ended with a cold pronouncement that if the vacancy would be filled by someone else, they couldn’t be held accountable as they had given me prior notice about it.

I was left dumbstruck with cold sweat and palms, along with the realization that verbal job offers should never be taken as a guarantee you’ll end up with a job.

Getting hired for a new job, especially after going through an arduous and nerve-racking process can sure be exhilarating, but one must never overlook the irrefutable importance of job offers in black and white. They provide security for a jobseeker as they contain vital information, such as the agreed starting date of employment.

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