Photo Challenge

Where the Wild Things Are


Dear visitors,

To ensure you’ll have an enjoyable visit, please do keep a few reminders in mind:

As you go around the zoo to see the wild animals in display, do ignore their skinny figures that look neither wild nor mighty, only frail and weathered; and only focus on the thought that they are a sight to behold.

When taking pictures of the animals, remember to turn your camera flashes off so you wouldn’t see so clearly their lonely eyes that seem to desperately cry for help.

Do read the fun facts about these poor beasts which you will probably just forget once you’re through, and mind not the way they pace back and forth in distress within the confines of their arid, cramped, unnatural habitat that has been man’s failed attempt to recreate mother nature in a match box.

Lastly, do not feed the animals. They are underfed (probably) due to the insufficient supply of their required diet or the lack of the zookeepers’ genuine interest to care for them. It could also be due to the fact that, had they been well-fed and healthy, then they’d be strong enough to jump over the ropes or break through the barriers that has fenced them in this artificial constructs they are forced to call “home,” which in turn could put you and the other visitors in danger.

Thank you and enjoy your visit!


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