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Love-Hate Kind of Thing

Sometimes I think the universe is playing a trick on me. How come the thing I love the most (e.i.: music) is essentially paired with the thing I hate the most (i.e.: math).😡

I’ve enrolled myself in a (rather unorganised) do-it-myself music lesson to re-learn reading music, and I’ve just realized today that I need to zero in on counting rhythms.


It is frustrating because it has always been my weakness since I started learning technical music in high school. It’s just now that I realize what an idiot I had been for not learning how to count music when I learned songs by reading sheet music every single day of my 4-year high school life.

I feel like I’m going back to my first-year-high-school-self who always had to take one-on-one solfege exams with the choir mentor with trembling knees because as much as I knew how to sight read the notes, I didn’t know how to count them. I remember only getting through the exams by memorizing the entire piece and pretending I was reading it on the spot.

It’s just that all this counting is driving me nuts; be it in math class or when counting my change. I’ve never been good friends with Mathematics, and now it has found a way to ruin my relationship with Music. It’s not making my life as easy as 1, 2, 3.

It is probably true what they say, if you really love something, you have to love it completely, even the unlovable side of it; and in the case of my love for music, the mathematics behind it. 😭

If you happen to have any advice or tips that you can share about how I can go about self-learning music , I’d be forever indebted to you.


2 thoughts on “Love-Hate Kind of Thing”

  1. You can tap your foot, until you get the hang of it, and just count out loud 1, 2, 3, 4. Remember things labeled as cut time are played twice as fast as those which are labeled 4/4…A whole note is held for a full four beats, and a half for 2, a quarter note for 1 beat (or a quarter of the time of a whole note)…an 8th note is held for half of a beat, and so on. It isn’t really all that hard to grasp, but if you start with 4/4 music with a simple rhythm it is easier to add the 8th and 16th note type music later as you get better at counting. Once you learn how to read music you can pick up about any instrument and teach yourself how to play it. I hope you have fun. I know I always enjoy (in a very frustrating way to start with) learning new things. I enjoy the challenge, though sometimes I feel that it is frustrating until I get the hang of it! The key is perseverance through the frustration. I can certainly identify with the love/hate thing, though. There are always things that are hard about learning new stuff and somewhat unpleasant to start with, but it gets better as you learn you can enjoy it more.

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    1. I hope I find the perseverance you have in learning new things. I honestly find myself easily get discouraged by even just small difficulties encountered along the way. 😦 I suppose this, in particular, shouldn’t be hard for me as I have learned them in high school. I’m just trying to recall them and play music again. 🙂

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