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Purple Sunset

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Who would’ve thought sunsets could be purple? Definitely not me. Maybe it’s ignorance on my part, but sunsets are such a common occurrence that I don’t really take the time to look up and name its actual colors. I mean, who does anyway? After a long, rough day at work or after a long rough day of doing literally nothing (in my case)? When the sun’s bound to call it a day and head home, we all head straight home with it to rest the exhausted temples of our souls.

Having a chance to take notice of this rare sight felt surreal and out of this world. It was so much different from the typical sunsets I know; with that reddish, yellowish, and orangery glow that almost always hurt my eyes when I try to look at it. I wondered if sunsets in Caliraya, Laguna are always like this. I was so astounded by its beauty that I forgot to ask the residents. But I suppose it is because while my jaws dropped open at the sight, the residents go about their own business like no heavenly demonstration was taking place just above their heads.

It was like several layers of cellophane wrappers colored with different shades of purple and little touches of pink were laid over gigantic spotlights in heaven, and casted a pinkish-purplish light all over the world. While marveling at its beauty, I also wondered if people back home were seeing the same sunset as I was. I figured otherwise because if they did, then loads of posts about this celestial masterpiece would’ve flooded my fb homepage.

I honestly feel that my shot does not exactly capture the awe this purple sunset emanated. I liked the 12-second video a lot more, that I kept watching it over and over again if only to relive this rare heavenly experience. While I’m at it, I’ll keep wondering about how many more colors of sunsets there are. And how many more I will get to chase in this lifetime.


11 thoughts on “Purple Sunset”

  1. This is breathtakingly beautiful. You are right mostly we see sunsets with a hue of orange and pink but this is beyond beautiful Thanks for sharing your awesome moment. Also, you are right in saying the video gives more justice to it.

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