12 thoughts on “The Face of Silence”

      1. It is one of my favorite things. If you get a chance to go on one, pick a good cabin with a private verandah…the extra cost is totally worth it unless you are a complete party type who is never going to be in the cabin. Since you like to read, you would probably really enjoy spending the sea days sitting on the verandah and sipping the beverage of your choice (mine is generally coffee and cookies from room service) and reading. I went through 7 books on the last one. Always have your camera with you as you never know when some sea life or great scenery will present itself. I was able to see dolphins and sea turtles on this last one…really exciting! I am very grateful to God for providing the treat to my husband and I. It was an awesome adventure. Most cruises have a number of days at sea where you have no ports, but are traveling from one port to another. I truly hope you have the opportunity to go on one. If you do, then be sure to post and tell us all about it!

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      2. I certainly will. It’ll be a one-of-a-kind experience that shouldn’t go without being blogged about. 😅
        I’m just not sure about reading while on-board though, I mean, I imagine myself being seasick. I sometimes suffer from a mild motion sickness in cars, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the same happens on a cruise. 😅 But a good, warm cup of coffee will sure be nice!

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      3. I get car sick sometimes when reading for too long, but the ship didn’t bother me at all. The lower you get the more you feel the ocean. The mid to higher decks don’t seem to feel it much at all. Except during storms then there is a cradle rocking type of feel to it when lying down.


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