First Summer Adventure (Taal Lake, Batangas)

The 2nd of April 2016 is one of my favorite summer excursions. Aside from it being my first time to swim in a lake (where it does not sting the eyes when you dive in), it was also the first time my son got to swim under the sun. The place we went to is… Continue reading First Summer Adventure (Taal Lake, Batangas)

On Life

A little update… fangirling… and James Reid

I know I’m not a celebrity of some kind for anyone to actually care knowing “updates” about me, but I want to make up for the days gone by that I had not been blogging. So here goes the update... Things got really crazy at work these days, although I am not sure if it… Continue reading A little update… fangirling… and James Reid

On Life

Feeling Empty

Exactly how I have been feeling lately, and I can say this is much much worse than being arid, really. I feel neither happiness nor sadness. Neither scared nor hopeful. Not even anger, of which I am very very well acquainted with. I feel so uninterested with everything that is around me, and it feels… Continue reading Feeling Empty